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Find Talent & Start Recruiting!



Find Opportunities & Start Working!

Tailor Made Recruitment Solutions

Emmett Sullivan Management provides tailor made headhunting and executive recruitment solutions for the Canadian marketplace, focusing on industries that include Consumer Packaged Goods, B2B, and Financial Services. But what differentiates us from our competitors? We like to think it is our ability to put our clients and candidates priorities and needs before our own.

We care about every placement we make, for both clients and candidates, and although it sounds idealistic, we do not consider our success ends with the placement of a candidate. We believe success comes with time, when we see our candidates thriving and making significant contributions to our clients success.

It is when we see our candidates growing and strengthening our clients teams year over year that we finally can feel satisfaction in the work we do. We are passionate about helping both clients and candidates alike, and continually strive to ensure clients retain talent, and talent obtain quality work.

Speed of Delivery

In our experience, time is of the essence. Providing recruitment solutions in a fast and efficient manner is of the utmost importance. Having a well rounded pool of premium talent is essential to our success, but it does not end there, we are specialized headhunters that provide targeted searches that also yield results. We recruit 24/7, finding premium talent that makes sense for you, placing urgency on your search, with ethical standards always top of mind. We know talent when we see it, and make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities that will strengthen your team.

Guarantee of Quality

Emmett Sullivan Management will deliver the talent that is tailored to your needs, which provides that we fully understand what your needs are. With a full understanding of who you are, our tough regimen of screening candidates ensures those that we put forward are the cream of the crop. Whether it’s a diamond in the rough, or a pinnacle leader needed to drive results, we guarantee our candidates and will replace them if they don’t perform, with no cost to you.