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Why Emmett Sullivan Management?

You will find that working with Emmett Sullivan Management is an experience like no other. We ensure all candidates are evaluated thoroughly, and once we see where your passion lies we take the time to go over what would drive your career path, and where you will be happy. It is due to this consultation process, with our 100% confidentiality guarantee, that candidates see the difference when working with Emmett Sullivan Management.

Our associates also ensure that even if the right “fit” is not in line with our current opportunities, we will give you guidance with your search, and keep you top of mind as opportunities cross our desk. Once you have worked with Emmett Sullivan Management, you will see the difference. There is one catch, we always meet face to face with our potential candidates. That is our policy, and it is what we guarantee our clients to ensure our clients retain talent, and talent obtain quality work.

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